About us

SRKJOBS.COM is a new job portal in India. Launched in 2018, SRKJOBS.com is new platform for job opportunity for the candidate to find the better job or better ideal job. SRKJOBS.COM is providing medium for information exchange regarding Job and other skill improvement plans between Candidate and company. For the companies they easily capture or find there suitable candidates from our database. We know that unemployment is increasing day by day. Millions of people in India are unemployed or underemployed and they not find the job according to the qualification. Employer also gets benefit with SRKJOBS.com as they interact with candidate directly. We understand candidate and employer pain and try to bridge the gap between employer and candidate to fulfill their requirements. We are making a bridge between the recruiter to the job seeker and filling gap between them.

SRKJOBS.COM is providing you a meaningful database and base of the communication between the employers and the job seekers, and try our best afford to fulfill the requirement. We deeply understand the need of the organization. We offer new opportunities to the candidate from our portal so they can interact directly to employer surpassing mediator. We fully provide the information of the company in the right way.

We are providing services all over the India

  • OUR MOTIVE: For candidate is to "Right candidate will get right job without so much struggle". For company "Easily Find right candidate, at the right time who will be good and best for your organization" from SRKJOBS.COM.

  • OUR MISSION: is to give "The meaningful job to the right candidate, at the right time and give the right path way to the candidate and company".

  • OUR VISION:we want to make the name as good job solver and hire solution for the company.

"Right candidate will get right job without so much struggle,The meaningful job to the right candidate, at the right time and give the right path way to the candidate and company

For Recruiter:

  • Providing the correct database of candidate where you can search the candidate according to your job profile.

  • In SRKJOBS.COM's we provide the platform to the company recruitment team to sourcing or selecting the right candidate for the company and recruiter can post the job through the SRKJOBS.COM.

  • You can manage the company profile, ads post etc.

  • Filter job seekers on the basis of education, experience etc.

  • You can contact to the candidate from the profile.

  • You get all the information through his/her (candidate) profile.

For Job seeker:

  • Firstly you have to fill the registration form and upload CV for the login to SRKJOBS.COM.

  • You can view the ads posting, company information etc.

  • You can give review or comment in the post.

  • You always get latest updated of job at any time.

  • You can find your desirable job according your need of job. According to your choice or according to your qualification you can find job with SRKJOBS.COM.

  • You direct contract to the company recruiter through "comment".